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A clutter-free email system to improve any
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About Mailwise

Mailwise’s mobile email solution addresses the most significant component of every email conversation, the actual content of the email.

Clutter-Free Messaging

Improve the quality of conversation omitting repetitive information (i.e. signatures, headers and letter like formalities).

Better Than Ever Conversation Threads

Seamless conversation threads for a chat-like view of ongoing email, just like real conversations should unfold.

Converging Social Updates

Automatically groups updates and notifications from social networks (i.e. Facebook mentions, Linkedin discussions, newsletters, daily deals, etc.).

Simplicity & Efficiency

Mailwise presents a cohesive system for processing messages and converting them into appropriate actions as quickly as possible.

  • Intuitive gestures.
  • One unified inbox.
  • Sort by: "read", "unread", "starred", "unstarred".

Convenience and Security

With Mailwise communicate and collaborate more wisely and more securely.

  • Supports email services including Exchange, Outlook, Office 365,                   Hotmail, Gmail, Google apps, Yahoo, AOL (ActiveSync, IMAP).
  • Complete client side privacy. Mailwise does not store any email on               servers. So all user information stays with the user.
  • Control when to receive notifications and when to put them "to sleep".

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